Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chinese New Year

We had a fantastic Valentine's Day, full of sweetness, love and celebration--but there are not any photos to share so I'll just move along and report on our Chinese New Year Celebrations. By the way, as a brief addendum to that last post, I just wanted to note that we are attempting to shield Mr. Lo from hearing any negatives about his heritage simply because he is so young. When he is older we can discuss the complexities of human rights and obligations. =)Anyway, back to Chinese New Year--Year of the Dragon! Boise State University Chinese Club put together a huge dinner/show and invited the whole community. Which meant there were more non-Chinese than Chinese present, but oh well. (we had been hoping Lo could interact with some Chinese kids there but couldn't find a table to sit at with any of those sort).
Traditionally, kids will wear a new item of clothing for the new year. We were feeling cheap and didn't buy any new clothes but here is Lo's newest shirt he got a couple months ago in Canada. It isn't the right nationality for this event, but the color red is lucky so it seemed fine to us!
Another tradition of the New Year is red pockets--little red envelopes filled with money. The kids collect them from relatives, friends, strangers even. And they put them under their pillows, though I'm not clear on why they do that part. Lo was excited to put his under his pillow, and in the morning I asked him, "What is under your pillow?" as a reminder; he enthusiastically leaped to uncover his red pocket. By the way, he is actually asleep in that photo above. We thought it was so cute he fell asleep with his bum in the air. And since this photo was taken, we've done a little more organizing in the bedroom so it isn't currently that ghastly on the desk area by the way.

Here he is receiving the red pocket from Jerry. Lo had just gotten out of the bath and Jerry had just come home from school. Lo was more excited than it shows in the photo. We got cute video of him saying "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and "Money! I buy toys!" but it takes too long to upload the videos so just take my word for it.

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