Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mr. Lo says things that just make me smile every day. His talking has taken on a whole new level of fluency over the past couple months.

"I be so scared!" tone of voice: delighted (when we read the book, There's A Nightmare in my Closet."
"I leave this water for you, Uncle David!" tone of voice: ridiculously proud as he handed a glass of ice water to Uncle David. Lo had filled the glass a half hour prior, anticipating David's return home.
"Run away Mommy!" Tone of voice: alarmed. Spoken when he walked into the room and saw my mom cutting my hair.
"I like your new haircut, Mommy." Tone of voice: charming gentleman. Spoken the day after the prior comment.
"One minute, Lyla--I go have a diaper change." Tone of voice: friendly explanation. Spoken to an 18-month-old toddler friend at playgroup. When he returned from the diaper change, he announced graciously to the group, "I change my diaper." Let the playtime resume. :)
"No Daddy, I don't want that piece--you go ahead and eat it." Jerry and I marveled at how colloquial it is to say " go ahead." Tone of voice: polite. Spoken when Jerry was about to hand Lo a piece of apple that had the peel still attached.
"This one has your name on it!" Tone of voice: excited-happy. Spoken while feeding a spoonful of cereal to Grandpa.

Sometime I'll have to document the way he says words--mispronounciations and such. Because here I've only recorded grammar and phrasing and such. Seriously though, how can anybody say 2 years old is terrible?? Having a walking, talking knee-high comedian in our home is WAY more fun than a newborn. =)


Anna said...

I agree! It keeps getting better.

(I especially loved the last one, what a cutie!)

Kristen said...

These sayings are too cute! I just love the stuff Claire is coming up with lately as well.