Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night we had my uncle and aunt stop over to chat, 2 nights ago we attended my cousin's wedding reception, and a few days before that, I stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Swain's home for a spontaneous visit. The past week is no anomaly--Jerry and I have been LOVING the frequent, casual family connections we get while living in this area. A couple weeks ago, my favorite cousin Lance and his wife Kirsten invited us to their home for dinner. They have the most darling brood of children. Lo Lo was all smiles running around with these kids. And Lance is the best chef ever...more to come on what we ate. ;)
We had to make a visit out in their yard as soon as we arrived, because baby LAMBS had been born just a couple hours prior.
The lambs are a "hairy" rather than "wooly" variety, so they were covered with a soft downy fuzz that glowed in the sunset.
Their little tails waggled as they nursed. And there weren't just lambs, but this little backyard farm has poultry as well...
Lo was proud to get to carry around some freshly gathered eggs.
And this turkey kept strutting and gobbling the whole time we were out there.
Okay, so now I can confess what we ate for dinner: LAMB! It was a little tricky getting my mind to forget about the darling newborn lammies we'd just seen frolicking in the yard, but that mutton tasted awesome. =)

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Susie Stout said...

I was laughing when I read this, just last night Daniel and I were watching a cooking show and they were serving lamb, Daniel told me he'd only had lamb once and really liked it. He then asked have you ever had it? i looked at him bewildered and said.... I'd had lots of it throughout my life, now he wants me to find lamb and make it, maybe I'll wait and have lance make something yummy :)