Sunday, April 29, 2012


I guess that last post warrants a little explanation with my brief mention of moving. Jerry has been awarded an exciting internship this summer with Dell. We will spend June-August in Texas. Side note: as part of the start-up paperwork, the company asked for a 7-year address history, including places lived for school or work. As we reviewed all the addresses in Jerry's past 7 years, the total came to 11. That's right, since returning from his mission just 7 years ago, Jerry has moved a lot. And after we relocate this summer, the number will rise still higher. Since beginning our marriage together just 4 years ago, us Tams have moved 6 times, now looking forward to move number 7 as we spend the summer in Texas. But on the plus side, the Texas move will be low-key--our apartment is fully furnished, and utilities included, so we won't have to go through as much of the usual transition hassle associated with moving. And most of our stuff will stay at my parent's house. I even get to fly down with Lo instead of driving, so all in all should be pleasant.

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