Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flying to the YMCA

To prep Lo for (yet another) move soon, I have been telling him the good points of Texas. "We will fly there on an airplane, and when we are there, go swimming every day!" Both key points of excitement for a 2-year-old: airplanes and swimming pools. Anyway, we don't leave to Texas for about another month or so. But yesterday I woke Lo up from his (3 hour!) nap and said, "We need to get ready to go swimming at the YMCA." He stared at me in a stupor. "But Mom, we didn't fly on the airplane yet." And then the whole way driving to the YMCA, he kept talking about taking an airplane to get to the pool in Idaho. Toddler brains are so hilarious. By the way, I was so proud of my Lo when he went down the "Big Kid Slide" at the pool. He has such a bold personality. He ended up flipping halfway down, so when I caught him at the bottom, he was head-first on his back. He'd been so excited to go down the slide, trying to sneak his way to the front of the line before it was his turn. But after that adventurous first time down, when Jerry asked if Lo wanted to go again, he replied, "I stay here and watch Mommy go down." =)

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Kristen said...

Why are you moving to Texas?!