Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yoda Soda

Mr. Lo has a few cute speech imperfections. For instance, until lately, I'd never heard him make a true "s" or "sh" sound. Instead, he would replace it with either "hse" (i.e. "Come hsee it" rather than "Come see it") or sometimes he'd replace "sh" with "y," as in, "I yo you, Mom," instead of saying, "I show you, Mom." "
Anyway, recently we were having pizza for dinner (hooray!) and brought out some soda pop to go with it. Mr. Lo was saying "I want yoda pop" right and left during the whole meal. Finally I pointed out a picture of Star Wars' Yoda (handily located on the back of a Cheerios box). I told Lo, "This is Yoda." And he immediately replied, pointing to Yoda, "This is Soda?" Sure. Soda, Yoda, whatever. ;) At least now I am reassured my child can pronounce the letter "s."

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