Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Guys

Feeling proud of the boys in my life: My sweet Husby has an intelligent mind, diligent work ethic, and positive attitude. All three attributes culminated in him getting amazing grades this first semester back in school. He was awarded an academic scholarship as well as THREE A+ grades on his transcript (honestly, I didn't even know it was possible to get that kind of grade on a college report card). One of those classes where he scored an A+ had been a crazily challenging class (taxation) and I saw the work he put into achieving that grade, so it means even more. All my days of "single motherhood" have been worth it! (kidding...Jerry is a remarkably supportive husband and father despite his school busy-ness). Lo Lo: wished me "Happy Mother's Day" about 20 times yesterday. My first Mother's Day to hear those words from my own child's mouth! It felt awesome. I am proud of my smart, adorable kid. My brothers: all three of them gave me reason to be proud this past weekend. My littlest bro David qualified to run at the State Track Meet next week in TWO events (open 800 and 4x4 relay). My next youngest brother Justin, serving a mission in Canada, just got news he is TRAINING, and he has only had 2 transfers in the field. Obviously he has started his mission off really strong and from our phone call conversation with him yesterday, it sounds like he is so happy. Lastly, my other brother Brandon got sealed (married for time and all eternity) to a wonderful girl in the Palmyra New York Temple. I'm so proud of him for being truly a catch, good marriage material, and for living worthy to be married in the temple. Hooray for the guys I love!

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