Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I forgot to mention something else in those last couple posts about Lo enjoying the YMCA swimming pool and climbing wall. He calls the YMCA "CYM." It makes me smile! We told him we were driving to the YMCA, and then when we stopped at a different place to run an errand en route, he said from the backseat, "Hey, this does not look like the CYM!" Much reassuring ensued. He does not verbally identify all his ABC's yet (I have not made much effort to work with him on it much) but has a few favorite letters he likes to point out whenever he sees them. Especially "M for Mommy," as he calls it, and "Upside-down M," which then he can also call by its accurate name "W" if I ask. And he pretty consistently can point out all the letters from his name.

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