Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My little brother Brandon got married a couple weeks ago, and they had a reception in New York the same day of their wedding. Jerry and I decided we could not afford to fly out for that part of the wedding, so instead I contented myself with preparing for the "Idaho celebration" as we did a Memorial Day breakfast in honor of Brandon and Savannah.
My part of helping with the Idaho open house consisted of coming up with a theme/design and creating decorations. Brandon and Savannah gave the basic color of pink as a preference and said they wanted strawberries, Nutella, and whipped cream, but otherwise that was it! They are laid-back people, easy to please. My aunt was my cohort on the decor, and she made these tissue flowers for the center of the pavilion. We also made photo jars with mason glass jars, tied with ribbon and raffia. Used similar jars as the vases for flowers, which were mini carnations. I have never been a fan of carnations (they look too common maybe?) but fell in love with mini carns! I like how the blooms go all the way up the stem of minis. I don't have many photos at the moment of the whole thing, but here above is one with my sister's baby Ashlyn enjoying the decor. And below, a couple pics of the happy couple:
I am so thrilled for Brandon to find such a wonderful woman as Savannah. She won my heart when I saw how easily Lo warmed up to her--this gal is GREAT with kids.
Congrats again, Brandon and Savannah! We love you!

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