Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gross Horm..., I mean..., Growth Hormone 化學生长激素雞

Attached is a picture showing the difference between chicken with growth hormone and natural chicken.

You can see three differences:
1. The natural one on the left has smaller pieces (with 14 piece total);
2. and darker.
3. The growth hormone one on the right is mechanically trimmed (attached with more tendon, fat, and bone chips; with 4 piece total).

The price is not even that big of a difference. (A dollar per pound different.) I still remember the chicken in Hong Kong was way more yellow, because they are from natural farms in China.

They taste a lot better, too! I still remember calling my mom asking her how to make traditional Chinese chicken soup. As I followed the exact instructions from my mom, the soup was never the same as it was Hong Kong. Hmm…, I wonder why…???


我仍然记得问我的媽媽如何做中式鸡汤。 我然後遵守了從我媽媽的指示/教導,那湯結果與香港的不一樣。 Hmm…,為什麼…??? (化學的東西方不如自然的好)


Valerie said...

Jerry, what did these chickens look like with their feathers on?

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

I had a conversation with Amelia about 8 years ago where we talked about "when chicken was yellow" and now its not...and to be quite honest, I don't like the taste of chicken breast unless it has been marinated for a very long time, or is diced up so small you get other things in your bite. lately I prefer it on the bone just to give it a different flavor. What I really wanted to say, though, was....Good for you, cutting up chicken when your pregnant...that's a hard one for me.

C Tam said...

Oh, for sure I don't deal with raw meat...Jerry cuts the chicken around here these days!