Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last-minute Ideas, Anyone?

Approaching our final few weeks until graduation--but who's counting down?--we have noticed some key items left on our "Must-Do-while-at-BYU" list. This checklist might not exist in any formal venue, but surely it must be acknowledged there are some traditions and activities that most students participate in while on this special campus. Maybe since both Jerry and I are transfer students, we failed on a few of the classics. We will do what we can to rectify the situation. Marked in blue are a some "BYU Basics" we have done already. (Regular black print means we did not accomplish, but might still fit in).

-Volunteer at the MTC
-Hike the Y (if it ever becomes springtime around here, we should get this one done...any takers to join us?)
-Get married
-Make fondue on the bell tower lights
-Visit the museums…Bean, Peoples and Culture, MOA, and what was that other one?
-Sample the International Cinema (we both got really excited over the showing of InfernalAffairs, and I got terrified from going to see The Orphanage alone without Jerry to hold my hand)
-Take a Social Dance class (I did this one before I met Jerry...maybe we can still attend one of those Wednesday night salsa club lessons together...?)
-Take Mission Prep from Randy Bott (only I did this one...)
-Take Marriage Prep from Brent Barlow (another one from me only; Jerry missed his chance!)
-Attend a football game (we managed to fit in one basketball game...pathetic, we know)
-Feed the ducks at the pond on south campus
-Live at Wymount
-Attend devotionals/forums (wish we did more of it!)
-Order a kids meal (ice cream for dessert!) at the Creamery on 9th (did this one more than once...!)

Any great traditions we missed? Please help us get the most out of our last month of studenthood here at the Y! Any additional ideas are welcome.


Nicki said...

I know this isn't strictly BYU (since you can do it in other places too), but I love the planetarium. I would hit up the Skyroom or the MOA too. :)

Cami said...

I've never heard of the fondue on the bell tower lights... not sure how I missed that one, but I'd love to go with you if you do it!

Trina said...

I want to order a kids meal at the creamery, that sounds awesome. If the weather heats up I would love to hike the Y. (How long does it take anyway?) If your up in SLC anytime this month stop on by!

Darlene said...

I like the LDS Newsroom window that you put on the side of your blog :)

Have you gotten your pictures taken with Cosmo Couger? It's obligatory...

Valerie said...

It looks to me like you both accomplished the most important --get married and start a family! Does the Rolling Scone still exist? Also, there is a hot spring pool. Ask your dad about that one! I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa would have some suggestions, too --a jaunt over to Midway, perchance, to stare at some ancestor's tombstones.

littlefamilyJLD said...

One should definitely be to do your laundry at the Wash Hut. :)

C Tam said...

Thanks everybody for the ideas and for those of you who want to share the activities with us, we'll be in touch. We saw Cosmo yesterday, Darlene, and didn't have a camera handy (so sad!) but we will be making plans for future sightings. And doing all those other great suggestions from the rest of you. Thanks again! Woohoo for graduating!

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

so excited about the baby, sorry I'm awful about reading I need to get in and put your blog on my list so I can see when you update. Are you feeling okay? Oh, and I only lived there for a summer but hopefully you've ate at J-Dogs and the Smokehouse on Center St.

colbycheese said...

Thats an awesome pg thanks for inviting me to look at it. You two are cool peeps.