Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our "bucket list" gets a little smaller...

Sorry pictures are out of order. Sometimes Blogger and me are good friends, but it appears today we have had a falling out.

Since everybody gave such good ideas to add to our "BYU Bucket List" awhile back, we have been busy having fun trying to accomplish them. Here is a report for the Y hike (by the way, Trina, we didn't plan it enough in advance to invite you along, but you'll have to make it out sometime for that Creamery ice cream! Let us know when you can come to Provo for a get-together. We could even do the Y a second time, if you still want hike it!)

Here are my Mom and Dad somewhere along the trail. They booked it up the hill in less than 30 minutes without even getting breathless--pretty quick for a couple of would-be grandparents.

The slope is a lot steeper than it looks in this picture. Yep, this is the Y in person.

Even though Utah is a dry, wasteland desert for the most part, I still find its landscape breathtaking at the most unexpected times. Tired brown weeds, gray clumpy rocks, and a faintly blue sky all somehow add up to gorgeous in this arrangement.

I didn't notice the "B" and the "U" until somebody pointed it out for me.

Jerry has very impressive leg muscles. I, on the other hand, have very impressive milky white leg skin. But I glory in my melanoma-free state.

View from the ground level.

Jerry and I won free water bottles recently for correctly guessing our blood-pressures. Nice to have another BYU souvenir, and I definitely used mine during our hike.
Headless Mom behind me is using Jerry's waterbottle.


Allison said...

Speechless, I see.

C Tam said...

Bah! I finally got it posted. Sorry. Truly, blogger and me were NOT on friendly terms today.

Trina said...

So much fun! I really want to go now. When do you leave? Do you have a specific date yet? Let me know. It took me a few seconds to see the B & U Good Job hiking!