Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Stuff...and a belly shot!

Sorry for the relative lack of posts lately; this past week marked my final days of work in the coding lab, so I tried to make the lab be a special priority and as a result, almost everything else fell by the wayside. My heart felt wistful as I packed up my work binder and closed the lab door for the last time on this past Friday evening. Coding has become one of my all-time favorite employments up to this point, and probably only a few other jobs could top it for the enjoyment factor it produced--missionary work, marriage, and I would guess motherhood would all exceed it of course. But still, as far as student employment goes, it was the best!

Motherhood feels more real to me as my belly swells and gets more round. Still no feeling of movement from the Little Tam (my book estimates the movement feelings will come in a few more weeks?) but I do feel more pregnant every time I look in the mirror. I finally decided to get a couple pairs of maternity pants this week, as the rubberband trick--while technically still "working"--was getting inconvenient.

So, thanks to cousin Gena for a generous Target giftcard, and thanks to Deseret Industries for being such a bargain!

Here are the maternity jeans I got from DI ($6.00). They seem brand new, and fit great around the waist (ahh, the wonders of elastic) but are a little baggy around the thighs. That's a strange feeling for me--usually I fill out my jeans no problem! Does maternity clothing just fit weird? Anyway, I'm sure my rear will grow into them soon enough. Let's just hope by then the elastic waist still feels comfy on my bigger belly.

The photo above was taken at Jerry's company party yesterday afternoon. The company gave out free t-shirts, and we even snagged a free baby tee for Little Tam. So cute...!

And here I am tonight wearing the comfy new maternity pants from Target (on clearance for $10). Reviews of this item from other customers state that many women can wear these pants the entire pregnancy, because of the foldy style waist. So I'm excited, because I love them! Once again though, a little baggy in the thigh/rear end area. What is going on?

So this is my 16 week belly. Is it big? Small? Normal? And what kind of pose is a woman supposed to do for belly shots? Jerry told me to hold my shirt tighter to accentuate my round shape, but then my arms fold themselves into a chicken wing I guess for future shots I will don a top that is more form fitting to begin with, so my arms can relax.

I haven't been very diligent about documenting "week by week" growth, but to this day, I still have not gained a single pound! In fact, I am even a couple pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Should I be worried? I have a doctor's appointment this week, so maybe I'll ask. I eat constantly. Not low-fat, either. We drink whole milk, and I even searched out whole-milk yogurt I've been enjoying. I believe whole foods are healthier, dairy included. So I eat whole grains, whole fruits as much as possible (even the skins on kiwis, for instance), an egg or two per day with yolks included of course, etc. I also eat plenty of Chinese noodles and such. I like being pregnant in the spring/summer when there are lots of yummy fresh foods available.

Speaking of yummy foods, we have been eating smoothies galore lately. With the remaining Target card money from Gena, Jerry and I bought a blender. Somehow we have survived nearly two years without one, and I'm not sure why we put off buying it for so long. Wonderful. Feel free to share any good smoothie recipes. There is a spinach one floating around out there I've been wanting to try. Turns the drink green like the color of Shrek, and apparently tastes great.


Allison said...

You're so cute! I sure am going to miss you around the coding lab. It won't be the same without you.

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

you look great...and the baggy wierdness is normal at your stage. The rubber band trick, I found, was much more convenient when I was larger ( like the last 2 months) and I wore jeans that hadn't fit in a while, that fit perfectly while I was pregnant. ALSO my sister in law does have a delicious spinache/yogurt and other stuff smoothie favorite when I was pregnant was a frozen banana with milk and a pinch of cinnamon... when I wasn't gaining wait at the first with Marshal, I would make one of those everyday and add a little ovaltine to increase my calories....who am I for advice, but you did ask, I guess. Good luck! see you soon!

Darlene said...

What's the rubber band trick?

I've got some white maternity capris that you can have if you want them. They'll probably be baggy around the thighs as well, but I think you'll like that by the end of the summer, hehe ;)

Holly said...

Love your belly shot!! Keep it up and you look beautiful! :)

Cami said...

Courtney, I miss you already! I found with pregnancy, everything is normal! I wouldn't worry if your maternity clothes fit weird... by the end of the pregnancy you won't want to be wearing pants at all. lol Many pregnant women (myself included) gain weight in their thighs and rear right away, so count yourself lucky that you haven't had that. I think you look great and are doing wonderfully! It's common to not gain much weight at first because all your nutrients are going to the baby. I would suggest getting a pregnancy journal (I love the one by Paula Spencer) and start writing in it weekly. I'm so glad I did that and hope it helps me through my future pregnancies. If you're interested, I documented my pregnancy on my blog (check the archives). Here's the picture of what I looked like at 17 weeks (the 4 months shot):

C Tam said...

Thanks for the reassurances, everybody. I'll for sure try that cinnamon banana idea, Sara Anne, and I'll have to ask you about the good spinach recipe when I see you next week.

The rubber band trick is to loop a rubber band (or I use a pony tail tie) through the button hole and around the button of a pair of pants. It automatically gives an extra inch or two or "real space" plus some stretchy extra few inches more due to the rubber band's elasticity. However, it necessitates wearing shirts long enough to cover the whole zipper area, I found, because often the zipper works its way down. If that still doesn't make sense, Darlene, feel free to ask for a demonstration when I go pick up those capris...I'm so excited! A good excuse to see you again! Glad you didn't move too far away. I'll email you or something to figure out a time.

C Tam said...

Oh! And Cami, I did look up your 17 week shot. I think our body types are too different to compare belly size? Does that make sense? But I like your philosophy that "with pregnancy, everything is normal." =)

I'll check into a diary. I hadn't thought about how useful it could be with future pregnancies. Thanks!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Way to go with you maternity clothes deals! You look great! We are thrilled for you and Jerry!

Trina said...

I love the baby belly. I can't believe you haven't gained any weight yet. You look healthy for being 16 weeks though. Super cute and enjoy the fruit. Make sure to go on walk and stay active though it makes all the difference in the world for post baby. Well hopefully we'll see you May 27th. Does that still work by the way?

Olivia Karin Jarrett said...

You are so cute Courtney...the chicken wing pose is original...keep it! I wouldn't be too concerned about the weight...I'm not an expert, but I don't usually gain a pound, only lose until about 20 weeks...and then I can't help but pack it on like an elephant after that. So, here's to hoping that you don't start feeling like an elephant soon!!!!! You look great! Do you know where you guys are going for sure yet?