Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh, and one more thing to check off the list

It happened a whole week ago now (time does fly when you're having fun!) but we Tams are officially graduated. Here are a few pics and memories.

Good ol' Harold B. Lee in the background. I'll miss that place. But I will not miss the cheaply made, overpriced gowns we had to purchase for graduation this year. Harry Potter costumes for next Halloween, that's all I can say.

I laughed at how my parents wore purple--the color of ACI, the college I attended for my first year or two of undergrad. Mom wore the official ACI t-shirt the day before. This ACI tribute is not a protest or some kind of statement, but rather my dad had a new plum colored shirt and mom dressed to match, I suppose. They are BYU fans regardless.

In the chaos of waiting in lines, standing, sitting, and more waiting, I managed to find friends to pass the time more quickly. This precious friend is Morgan, who had a baby mid-semester and didn't miss a single day of classes for it. She has three kids now, and is glad to be done with school so she can be a full-time Mom. She gives the title new meaning with her diaper adventures (check out Alaina's link).
I decided to take out the braids. This photo was number 1,005, I think. Our squinty reddened eyes testify that the exhaustion of final exams, ceremonies, having visitors to our home, etc. had finally caught up to us.

But we still had to make time for a stop at our first "study date" location--the JFSB quad (is that what this place is called?) where Jerry helped me with Chinese homework for the first time. We sat at this table and I remember laughing at his joke about the sunshine forming a highlighter on the textbook page (guess you had to be there). Sweet Jerry still makes me laugh every day.

And a classic shot with Y Mountain. Again, tired--but happy. Graduating feels like a miracle and we are humbled to reflect on those who helped us reach this milestone. Thank you, all!


Cami said...

Congratulations, or should I say, conGRADUATIONs!

littlefamilyJLD said...

Hooray! Congratulations you guys!
It's not everyday that a whole family gets to graduate at the same time: Dad, Mom, and little baby in Mommy's belly!

Gena Susan said...

Congratulations to you two!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

you two are so cute! you must have been so worn out by the time your "party" rolled around! what sports! We love you!