Thursday, May 28, 2009

When the price is TOO right

I have lots of good memorial day weekend photos and such to document, but wanted to first give a confession: I have discovered my brain was born with a poor "price instinct." In preparation for our move in a month or so (still no word on specifics of where or when...but I am still getting started packing), we put half a dozen items on Craig's List that we knew we wouldn't want to pack with us wherever we end up moving.

Within several hours of posting, two of the items were GONE. Not just spoken for--picked up and paid for. And the next day, two more items were spoken for, one of which got picked up but the other hasn't yet. Anyway, two more items left to sell from this batch and I was in awe at the speedy success of Craig's List selling...until I did a little research and realized it wasn't Craig's List magic, but merely the fact that I priced everything 1/2 to 1/3 the price of other comparable items for sale on the online venue. So yay for all the buyers who got bargains off my naivete, but maybe I'll start with higher prices next time and then lower them later if nobody buys for awhile. has also been a fun discovery over the past few weeks. Check it out if you like serving others, helping the environment, and getting great stuff for FREE! We will probably post all our unwanted stuff on there if Craig's List selling doesn't do its wonders within the next few weeks. So stay tuned.


Allison said...

FYI...I miss you.

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

what are the choices of the move? Anywhere my way?