Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Berry Bugs

Another bug story. Sorry for making this my apparent theme for Massachusetts life. I should change the name of the blog, maybe from "Tam Fam" to "Bug Adventures."

Anyway, yesterday a few women from our congregation invited me to pick berries with them. The raspberry patch we found held end-o-season, smallish and hard to obtain fruits, but they tasted delicious enough that I felt pleased with our bounty. The blueberries also have had a hard season, with all the extra rain they've endured, but again, I felt pleased as I brought home a pound of them to freeze and munch later. As I carefully washed each individual berry, I inspected them for signs of insect life. Raspberries especially make me suspicious, because they have crevices and creases galore in which to hide microscopic critters. Sure enough, I found a wriggling worm in one of the raspberries. I am proud to say I tossed that worm out and kept right on washing berries. This morning Sweet Husby and I ate raspberry smoothies, and while I thought of the worm episode off and on, I enjoyed my beverage with nary a gag. Progress. Bugs and I might learn to get along afterall. (that is, if one can make "happy to eat bugs" synonymous with "getting along with bugs.")

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Anonymous said...

I found a beautiful dying dragonfly getting devoured by giant ants, so I rescued him and let him die in peace!