Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roadtrip, Falls, 30 week belly

We love living just hours away from some of the world's most famous sites. Last week my younger brothers flew out to upstate New York with our dad, and Jerry and I drove to meet up with them there for part of their trip. The highlight of our few days with them was a visit to Niagara Falls.

I had never seen a rainbow from beginning to end before (the ends are cut off in the photo, because the bow was too big to capture from our close viewpoint...but trust me--the ends are there and it was breathtaking).

Another favorite part of the falls was an underground "cave" tour to see the water up close. Justin has grown taller since I last saw him--6'4" now, and just sixteen years old. David is doing the "Brandon Smile," to honor our family missionary.
Jerry snapped this belly shot of me (30 weeks) as I tried to face the wall of wind and mist at the base of the falls. So much power in that volume of water--I had no idea it would give me such a thrill to experience it. Afterall, I'd seen other waterfalls before and thought, "what could possibly be that great about Niagara...just a little bigger, that's all." Well, you would have to experience it to understand how fun this site can be.

We also took a few minutes to watch a glassblower make a vase. Jerry and I had never seen it done before, so we felt a good measure of fascination.

Here at the Canadian/United States bridge someone suggested I have the baby right on the border line, so Little Tam would get dual citizenship. Hmmm...maybe we'll stick with our hospital birth center location instead. That concrete's just not as comfortable as it looks.

And I should mention, it was Jerry's first time to visit Canada! I had fun reminiscing about my mission days in that country as we ate ketchup chips and Tim Horton's, got Canadian coins for change from our purchases, and heard a few cute Canadian accents.

The drive there and back was enjoyable for the hours of talking. Jerry was sweet and took the wheel the whole time, so I became officially in charge of doling out snacks. I handed him a tupperware bowl full of chips, and he found it convenient that he could see through the transparent bottom of the bowl to watch the road as he ate. lol.
This roadtrip to NY was a good little vacation, especially as we are always grateful to spend time with family.


Darlene said...

Cool! Very jealous. Being within driving distance of so many great places is something I miss a lot about being back east.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Court!

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

looks like so much fun, maybe Daniel and I need to take a trip out there! How are you feeling? I am getting excited for you, you are getting so close Courtney!!!