Friday, August 7, 2009

Boston Temple

Last weekend we did a session at the LDS Boston Temple. Due to a missed exit and several wrong turns (I was driving), we ended up missing the session we were aiming for and instead had a good half hour to enjoy the grounds before going inside to the last session of the day.

The floral scent felt terrifically heavy in the humid air, and I found it interesting how tropical many of the flowers seemed--different than the "usual" varieties I am used to back West.

Is this enough profile to call it a belly shot here sitting by the flowers? I think I was at 27 weeks when the picture was taken, maybe 28?

Jerry always takes such nice pictures. I'm grateful he doesn't mind being our family's designated "camera man," because if it was left up to me we'd never take time to get photos of anything.

We got chills as we came around the corner and caught sight of this spire for the first time.

We love the New England trees. Autumn will be gorgeous, so we'll have to do more temple pics around that time.

I got a new calling in church--Young Women's secretary--which means I get to go with the youth tomorrow morning to the temple, to do baptisms for the dead. I am excited to go again and wish we could make it there more often. When I was listening to General Conference last April, I sought specific counsel from God regarding our move this summer. I asked Him, "What can I do to make the transition a positive, happy experience?" The answer I received, from both speakers' words and the impressions of the Holy Spirit, is this: "Make the temple a priority."

The peace and eternal perspective I gain inside those holy walls is exactly what I need at this time in my life. I love the temple!


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

How fun! I am sure this visit helps make Boston feel even more like home! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Nice entry, Court!

Gena Susan said...

Love the belly shot @ the temple. You are gorgeous...

Sounds like such a nice day for the two of you. :)