Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday Boy

Jerry had a birthday this month. Can you guess how old?

We had a group of friends from church come over to help us celebrate.
I baked the famous Hong Kong style birthday cake (and this time it even looks a little like the HK flag). It has become our birthday tradition.

We also ate some other good food.

The Amazon card didn't come in time for me to wrap any gifts from it, but luckily Jerry's work boots had arrived the day before (we're calling it his birthday gift from his employer) so we wrapped those up for him to open with surprise.

After food, presents, and visiting, we played a couple games--even indulging in Jerry's favorite, Chinese Checkers.

Lots of fun, and we are grateful to have so many friends already in our new area who could help make the party a success. Thanks for coming everybody, and Happy Birthday to Jerry!


Trina said...

Happy Birthday Jerry!!! The beach looked like so much fun. The sculptures looked amazing too. Sorry I haven't called you back, I keep forgetting to when I have free minutes. I'll try to remember this weekend.

Susie Stout said...

Happy birthday Jerry, hope all is going well with you guys! When is the big day again? You need to call me sometime Courts!


cornter said...

I love that cake!! makes me want to eat it. Maya's b day is coming up I think I'll steal your design. if I can of course? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Jerry and Happy Two Year Anniversary coming up, too!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Happy Birthday Jerry! Cute cake!

Ingunn said...

Happy birthday Jerry! It was so nice to have an update of your new life :-) Miss you guys!