Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sidenote: observe the changes in his hair over the past month. In the first photo, he still had a pretty even covering over his adorable noggin. In the second photo, taken yesterday, there is just that one odd strip left! aaaah! What to do? I am seriously tempted to just chop it off/buzz it with the clippers. But then I can't bring myself to cut it because it is his BABY hair--it was with him at birth...! I remember reaching down and FEELING that fuzzy piece of hair while his head crowned. Anyway, ahem, I digress: this post was supposed to be about bibs, not reminiscing. So Little never really wore a bib much before this week. He has only spit up at random, infrequent intervals, so before now I never figured a bib was needed. But the drool lately had been making me change his outfits every hour or so, since his chest gets drenched in saliva so easily during this chewing stage. He mostly seems to regard bibs as a conveniently located toy, as shown in the picture above. He immediately grabs the bib when it gets put on, and then he wrings it in his hands and chews on it a lot.
Another sidenote: he's getting pretty stable at sitting if I prop him up with a pillow. Also, his toes are cute. =) Also, this outfit is size 12 M, which is what seems most comfortable to him these days. He is quite a large boy.

Wish I could think of a cute caption for this shot, but I'll leave that up to our witty readers to think of their own. His pointing finger makes me smile anyway. Grandma Valerie gave him this bib.

This bib was picked out by Daddy at Disneyland last summer before Little was born. It brought some good memories to finally bring it out and put it on our baby this past week. I remember that feeling of delicious anticipation while preparing the layette, folding clothes, counting onesies, bibs, and socks, picturing what our baby would look like wearing them. And now he is here, and I get to dress him up all the time! One of my favorite parts of being a mom is playing dress-up with my real baby doll. =)


Shanna Selin said...

Our baby is not even 2 months old and we already cut his hair a couple weeks ago because it was weird looking. His grandmothers were horrified that we cut it so soon, but it looked way better afterward.

Brianne said...

Wow...he is a big boy! Size 12 months already. Owen was a big boy too. Of course, Holly, who is a year older than Little, is also wearing a size 12 months still!

I love Little's hair too. Don't cut it! It will all even out eventually.

Sarah Walker said...

It's so true! Dressing them up is so fun! Shopping for them is even better! :)

It's a wonderful life said...

Don't they just get so big so quckly? I can't believe he is already better watch out for those sharp teeth cause he will test them on anything! He is so adorable and so alert!! Worry not about the hair, It'll grow back soon enough, and you be giving haircuts and brushing it this way and that;)
Playing dress-up is the best with a baby,isn't it? Thet grow so quick, you may never get the chance to try some of their outfits if you don't change them 20 times in one day!
Motherhood is the best thing in the world...ok, being a wife is better, but it's a very close second!

Valerie said...

I'm trying to remember right, but doesn't the Little Boy in, The Story of Ping have a hairdo similar to Little's? We love you Little, with whatever hairstyle you happen to have! Your smile reminds me of your mama's in the Mickey Mouse bib photo with Dad.

Jennifer said...

oh my goodness...he is growing so fast....I love the picture of him with dad all smiling :)

Valerie said...

Caption for photo:

Haa, yo, this is Rocko! I remember when I was young my ma' would put me in these bavagilinos --one had these bunny rabbits flyin' around in a green single engine apparicho. Another one had Mickey Mouse from the one and originale Disneyland!