Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiger Hearts

Little's Ye Ye had to have surgery on his heart recently. He asked for some pictures of Little to cheer him up. So here are a few from Valentine's Day, a few of our Little Ox, and here's to wishing a Happy Chinese New Year (year of the Tiger) while we are at it. We went to Chinatown in Cleveland last weekend to get red pockets, but only got ready to send them out today--a little late. Sometimes Little hates tummy time. But this is still a good picture, because it shows lots of things I love: fireplace, complete with vinyl horse silhouettes, created by Jerry for me this past Valentine's Day! (Click on the picture to see the close-up of the horses). He stayed up late creating it and surprised me! He also made a vinyl announcement on our hallway wall. It said "I [heart] my Valentine." I was so squealy about it. Anyway, back to the wonderful picture above: I love how our new apartment has south facing windows (lots of great sunshine for most of the day). Also in this photo, note the flowers. I love chocolate! The shiny red flower is a chocolate rose from my sweetheart (I added it to the baby shower bouquet we got a few months ago).

I have started exercising again--a very half-hearted effort. Some days I go outside walking if it looks sunny (today a friend and I walked to Sam's Club, which has become a weekly tradition for me). Other days, I walk on the treadmill while Little hangs out in his bouncer below me, as pictured. He usually stays occupied by toys for about 10 minutes. But I can go longer on the treadmill if I do it while he is napping.

I have started experimenting with some daily diaper-free time/EC. Fairly low-key at this point, but it has seemed to help the diaper rash that cropped up last week. And plus also, it is just so cute to see this Little on the infant potty.

We had a party with some other couples on Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day. I supplied some snacks, including "Love Potion" drinks and these cutie heart sandwiches. We played the Newlywed game, and Jerry and I ended up with the "best buds" award.

This post seems disjointed and random to me, but I have not much time and just wanted to get it posted for Ye Ye to enjoy! We love you, Hong Kong Grandpa!


Valerie said...

How did you do those vinyl cut-outs, Jerry --do you have to use an exacto-knife?
You are very cute, Little Ox!

Nora said...

Hi Courtney! It's me Nora Disner from the Wymount ward. I stumbled across your blog and I love reading your posts about your baby because we have one about the same age. Would you mind if I added your blog to our blogroll so I can keep up with you guys? Tell Jerry we say hi!

C Tam said...

Jerry did use an exacto knife. It took him many hours--a labor of love. =)

Hi Nora! Of course you can add our blog to your list. I'd love to stay updated with you, too. Do you have a family blog? Your other one wasn't working anymore, I realized one day.