Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Latest happenings

Though our lives revolve around Little, we promise we do other activities besides stare at him all day. We just don't get any photos of those activities, so it makes it harder to blog about them. But I figured I'd still report on a couple fun things we did recently:

  • Hosted a dinner at our home for the biggest group we've attempted up to this point--including us, there were eight adults and four babies sitting in our tiny dining room. I kept worrying there was hair in the food, because I have been shedding like crazy. Seriously, handfuls come out everytime I touch my hair. But nobody mentioned finding hair in their soup, so maybe it was ok?
  • Toured Historic Kirtland. Our favorite part was the School of the Prophets, where we felt the Holy Spirit so strongly. The Little needed to nurse right when we got to the Newel K. Whitney store, and one of the sister missionaries let us use a bathroom in the back (oops, she said not to tell anybody it exists). So I was figuring we would just have to rejoin our tour group in one of the other buildings later, since Little normally takes 15 mins. or so to nurse. But he was done in just 5 minutes, a MIRACLE, which is why we were able to be there for the School of the Prophets portion of the tour. The sister missionary who talked to us in that room impressed me with her knowledge. She had memorized a whole first person account from one of the men who saw God in a vision at the school room.
  • Church callings: we are both full swing into home and visiting teaching, of course, and I just started my calling as an assistant primary teacher. It feels perfect for me at this time. I am really grateful to have something to structure my gospel study, and preparing for the lessons has been sweet. I teach the four-year-olds. They make me laugh so much. I think Jerry will have a calling extended to him this Sunday. We'll see. While I went visiting teaching last week (end of the month, bad, I know), Jerry watched Little at home for me. When I came back, I saw Jerry had taught Little a new trick--holding his bottle very cutely. It is fun to see our sweet baby get more skillful at using his hands.


Melody said...

When I went to the school of the prophets, I was impressed that they had it all memorized too! WOW! It was in the John Johnson home, right? I feel honored to be his 9th great granddaughter!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

he is so cute! and healthy! my mom said you were coming to boise to bless him, when will you be there? we might have to show up in boise that weekend!