Tuesday, July 20, 2010

odds n ends of the Palmyra trip

Here are a few last pics from the trip. Check out the other posts below to see other good times we had this past weekend in New York. A big thank you to Uncle Lynn and Aunt Carolyn for letting us use their house as our base to sleep and eat, etc. It really helped us (especially because we travelled with a little baby) to get to break up the trip into more enjoyable shorter driving periods (their home is exactly a half-way point between our Ohio residence and the Palmyra sites). Four-Church Corner. There is a different denomination on each corner of this Palmyra intersection, really illustrating the competing faiths Joseph Smith spoke of around the time that he sought direction to know which of all the churches he should join and subsequently received his First Vision.
We just did a quick stop at the Grandin Print Shop, and plan to do a more thorough visit next time we go to Palmyra. We also have to keep on our "to-do-list" for next time: Fayette Chapel, the Peter Whitmer Farm, and...? Maybe more time spent at the Smith farm as well.
Such a treasure to live close enough to see all these historic sites. We love it!

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The Sheldon Stout Family said...

oh that makes me want to come out! miss that place and love that place....most definitely make the extra 25 minute drive to fayette next time, it is such a great place ( I also lived on the peter whitmer farm for 7 months of the mish..)little lo is sure cute!