Monday, July 12, 2010

Too bad I don't have a waterproof camera

The following are a bunch of disappointing pictures from when I took Lo swimming last week. Since I went by myself, it was tricky to simultaneously A) keep my camera out of the water and B) keep Lo's face out of the water. And C) Make Lo look at the camera and smile also proved difficult as well. Oh well. It was fun and I promise he did have lots of laughters and splashing...but none of that got caught on film. Next time. This waterfall is beautiful and if you lay under it, it gives great massages.
Squinty in the sun. That Lo never gets burned--I do try to be diligent with the sunscreen--but he has a funny farmer's tan between his fat rolls (the insides of the rolls is white, but the top part of the rolls gets browned).

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to train him to wear a hat. We do have one with velcro straps under the chin, but I misplaced it. His swimsuit is a reusable cloth swim diaper. Way better than the one-time use disposables. And it shows off his thunder thighs so much better than traditional swim trunks would have done.


Denise said...

Where did you get your cloth swim diaper? I never even thought of something like that!

C Tam said...

I got it from a friend who lived in the UK, and the brand is Aqua Nappies.

C Tam said...

Sorry, correction: that brand would be "Floaties" Aqua Nappies. But I just googled it, and other cloth diaper companies carry cloth swim diapers as well.

Katie said...

Wow what a chunker! I love those chubby legs!

Luke never wanted to wear hats either, I just kept plopping them back on his head when he took them off and eventually he forgot it was there. Now he asks for me to put it on his head.

I KNEW i'd heard your name before when my mom was talking her VT companion. I told her that I was 99% positive you were in my Wymount ward. She didn't seem to believe me at the time! Proof! That is so cool that you guys live in Kirtland now.