Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sacred Grove

We forgot our real camera for this trip, btw, so the photo quality is not the best (taken with Jerry's phone). But the beauty of The Sacred Grove is still evident:The Sacred Grove is one of the most sacred places on earth, and a pilgrimage site for all faithful LDS people. While we walked through it, we sang softly "O How Lovely Was the Morning," and taught Lo what happened here. Then Jerry and I took turns holding Lo so each of us adults could get some reflection time alone. There is a special spirit here. One of the senior missionaries in the grove offered to take a family photo for us. Once again, blurry photo, but such a good memory for us. We look forward to going back again someday when we have older children who can appreciate the significance of this site. We rushed through some of the earlier parts of it (Smith Homes/Farm) because Little Tam was having some tiredy meltdowns. We are thankful he had mostly quieted by the time we got to the grove.

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Valerie said...

Nice family photo in a special place.