Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I've had this project on my list for a few months: The matching baby/daddy ties. You know how neckties have that skinny "mini tie" that gets tucked in back?

It can be tied onto a broomstick handle, cut, and then sewn with an elastic neckloop to make a baby tie. I'm totally not explaining this very well. But I'm sure you can all google somewhere to find a tutorial. Sorry--short on time or I'd look it up and do the link myself. Anyway, wanted to get this posted:

Cutest thing ever. The best part is that Jerry still gets to wear his tie, because we had some gold satin silk Jerry's mom sent from Hong Kong (I finally got around to using it, thank you!) and we replaced the smaller back portion of the tie with this fabric. So it is still long enough for him to wear. We'll have to get a picture of the two boys wearing their matching ties together--they did wear them to church, and I was so vain about it.


Holly said...

Just want to say I love you!! Been thinking about my mission a bunch and how much a support you were for me :) Thanks!

Also - your little guy is possibly the cutest!!!

Valerie said...

Is this the tie that Jerry bought here in Boise? It looks very handsome on Little Lo. For all those folks who have a phobia of sewing machines, like me, it seems like I've heard that father/son matching ties can be found during the Easter season, although, probably not as nice of a selection to choose from.

TheTamFam said...

Love you too, Sis. Smith!!

Good memory, Mom. Yes, that's the wedding tie. phobia of sewing machines, lol. me too, actually--I got help from a lady from church to do this project (and all others).

Allison said...

Wow...nice. That is awesome. And your son is adorable.

Morgan said...

SUCH a cute idea!! Love this!