Monday, August 9, 2010


Lo is at that "helpful" stage. Last week he discovered some caramel ice cream topping (it pains me to admit we have such a product in our home). Before I discovered him, he managed to dump out a puddle of it in front of the pantry and then track the sticky stuff all down the hallway. I think a steam vac rental is in order. This is the cupboard he is actually allowed to play in. It lets me get some kitchen work done as he unloads every pot, pan, and tupperware container we own.
Yeah, that's probably a knife he's grabbing as I try to shoot this photo. We've had some close calls with him unloading dangerous utensils, so the dishwasher is now off-limits.
And the toilet paper roll...don't get me started. We've barricaded that with a laundry hamper.


Kristen said...

LOL!! I just move the utensil container out of the dishwasher so Claire can't reach the knifes, but she still tries to climb in there, so that is not so good. And I totally know what you mean about the toilet paper roll. :) She is finally starting to leave it alone some of the time when I tell her know. I feel kind of bad because it does look so fun to play with!

Valerie said...

Wow, and Lo's only nine months old; look out Tams! That brings back memories of having a child riding front ways in the baby carrier and having to watch those grabby hands.

Nathan and Heidi said...

Oh those are the days! Coulson was just doing all those things a couple months ago (and he is still doing them). Funny how we all go through that stage. Watch out though... it just gets worse, sorry to say. Just enjoy it all though!

Morgan said...

Ryker has thrown so many rolls of toilet paper into the toilet in the early years of his life that we decided we will forever have something to hold over his head. Anytime we do something he thinks isn't fair, we're just going to say it's to pay us back for all the toilet paper he wasted when he was little.