Thursday, August 19, 2010


Just a quick post to keep up with my "at least weekly for the grandparents" update goal.

The past couple days Lo's language somehow changed. His babbling used to comprise mainly repetitive sounds, but now is more like talking, with variety and intonation. He seems to know Jerry's name is "Dada" and says it excitedly when he hears the door open in the evenings for Jerry's grand entrance home from work. Also, when I am feeding him in the high chair, he has started repeating my question, "All done?" if he seems to want out. "Ah duh," is what it sounds like. First word(s)? We're pretty sure he's brilliant.


Leila said...

It's so cute when their babbling starts to sound like real words! I think Cora knows "mama" and "dada", but she doesn't apply them exclusively to us, so I'm not sure. It's hard to know.
Lo's really cute! Even though I'm not a grandparent, I enjoy reading updates.

Valerie said...

Thank you for updating the grands; we're looking forward to seeing Little Lo and his mom and dad soon!