Sunday, August 8, 2010

Makin' the rounds

The luxury of living this close to a billion church sites is that we get to see them gradually, spread over the space of a year or so, instead of cramming tours into the usual day or two most patrons take. After 7 months of living in the area, we finally made it out to the Kirtland Temple. Our friends Jonathan and Sunny were in town, so we got to go with them. They are basically our favorite people. Lo eating grass. My most memorable part of the tour had to be during the movie when our precious son got himself stuck under a seat, and even Jerry attempting to lift the seat could not free that crying Lo. (the chairs were conveniently linked together). Maybe I'm not explaining very well. Anyway, it was mildly embarrassing but I can smile about it now. Jonathan and Sunny. Aren't Asian/Caucasian couples the cutest.

Jerry looks like he's wearing some kind of period clothing, but it's just the mei tai. I really felt the Holy Spirit when we sat in the temple and our guide explained how angels had walked the aisles, roof, etc. during the dedication, and the Savior appeared in vision here. This is a special place, where God restored power on earth to link families together for eternity.

After the temple tour we ate lunch at McDonalds...and won the "bad parent of the day" award by giving our baby those infamous fries. His first time eating french fries--and of course he became instantly addicted.

The chewing motions of his lips look so cute to me. Make sure to watch the video three times in a row like I just did in order to fully appreciate the chewing. =)


Jocelyn said...

oh that is so cute! love love love those munching lips!

Valerie said...

Thanks for taking family pics in front of church historical significance. Also, glad you got to have good friends come to visit!