Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boise Zoo

Though it was a couple weeks back, figured I'd still get more of the Boise trip photos put up here. We went to Zoo Boise one day, and I was pleased to find they have continued to make it bigger and better since my elementary years of visiting it.
Yeah, this komodo dragon is just a statue, but Lo still approached with caution. I was so thankful to have Zhou Zhou Brandon there (did I get the pin yin correct? Not even trying with the tones). He was an extra pair of arms/legs to carry/chase respectively when I needed help with Lo, who appeared to have much fun, thus all our exhaustion was worth it. =)

These tigers used to be the crown jewel of Boise's smallish zoo, until they got an African corner that has lions. Well, I still like the tigers better since they were lounging around right next to my spot on the viewing window.

Lo might have liked this tiger better than the real ones. Also, note his tiger backpack. Yes, that was a spur-o-the-moment purchase in the overpriced zoo boutique, but it was one of those backpacks that had a leash attached--and a leash appeared to be a necessity once we arrived at the zoo so no regrets about buying that one. Lo walked/ran at least half the journey through the zoo. I was surprised his short legs didn't get more tired!

These goats made me laugh so much. They are totally aggressive about getting fed, and when they heard me put coins in this machine the whole herd came barging up to the fence, trampling each other in a feeding frenzy.

Yes, that is my child putting his fingers in his mouth after petting a goat. No signs of salmonella poisoning yet...

I think penguins were Lo's favorite. He liked the way they came right up to the glass. Is it just me, or do penguins actually seem to like the attention? There were none there when we first arrived, and then as soon as we crowded around the glass they all appeared and started swooping around, doing tricks for us, showing off, etc. Fun!

We accidentally chose the animal that did not move up and down. It was stationary camel and maybe a little boring to that Lo. Oh well. First time on a carousel.

This bobcat is blurry in the photo because it was weaving so quickly back and forth right in front of us. So close up!

No live elephants at this zoo, but this statue squirts water when passersby pause to look at it. I tried to keep Lo away from the water since it was a chilly autumn day, but he happened to like getting sprayed. So he threw a little tantrum when we finally carried him away.

This slide looks like a giant giraffe. Wish I got a photo of it from the side. I was apprehensive about sending Lo down by himself, but more scared of sliding down with him since I know kids who have gotten broken legs that way. So down he went, all alone, and seemed okay with it though his smile turned into an "Oh!" once he got started down, as I heard later from the reports of onlookers on the ground.

Of course, the squirrels were more of a hit than any exotics, since they entertained us by eating our snacks. That's great-grandma's foot in the corner of the photo--she was a trooper and walked the whole zoo with us. Thanks for putting up with us, Grandma! If you have a photo of the shot we took of all four of us by the colorful tree, please email it since mine didn't turn out the greatest.
This was the portion of our Boise trip when Jerry had already returned to Ohio, so we'll have to visit the Boise Zoo again someday when he can be there.


Kristen said...

Looks like the zoo was a ton of fun! We should go to the Cleveland one when it is warm again. The kids would love it!

Valerie said...

Wow, I want to check it out, now -- What a perfect day!