Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Year Stats

We had Lo's one-year-wellbaby checkup last night.  We sure do like his pediatrician. Glad she can do evening appointments so both Jerry and me are able to attend.  She said our baby is still following his own curve, above 95% for measurements, though she remarked that the nurse didn't get the correct height measurement so we are not sure how tall he is.  Lo wouldn't stand still long enough to measure him!  It is pretty cute that he can stand now instead of laying down to have his length taken.  Also, last time and this time they weighed him on the "big person scale," instead of the infant scale.  So that was cute to see him standing there like a regular kid.  29 lbs. is the current weight.  He is on track developmentally for language (says a few basic words) and all other areas look good.  Except when he got the lead/hemoglobin test done it showed that his hemoglobin levels are 10.1 and the doctor likes to see them more in the 11-15-ish range, I think is what she said.  So it means he needs more iron-rich food.  Ack; now I feel guilty for slacking on feeding him the iron-fortified cereals and leafy greens.  But since he's borderline, the doctor didn't seem too concerned and just said to try to feed him more of those foods.  No need to do an iron supplement for now.  Whew.  Interesting how I find myself consumed with guilt over not feeding him more vegetables.  Motherhood. 

I've mused lately on parenthood, and how this first year of it has changed our family.  Though parenting carries with it solemn responsibility and frequen challenges, we feel such richness of purpose as well.  I love the way Jerry and I plan for the future and work together teaching and growing this wonderful child.  Lo amazes and delights us, making us laugh a hundred times every day--not an exaggeration!  He is a generally joyful child.  We have noticed he seems outgoing, often greeting others or engaging them in play.  He is such a blessing to our family.  We love you Lo!

My cousin Lindsay took some darling photos for our little guy's one year mark.  They are still in the editing phase, but one of them made it on her website.  Check it out.  Getting so excited to show off the rest of them! 

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Valerie said...

Congratulations, little Lo --what an amazing child you are!