Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Birthday Fun

Yesterday Lo decided since he turned one year old, he could fit into Daddy's shoes now. I found him trying to put one on, so I helped him get another one on his foot and then he just stood there, like "Um, now what?" He couldn't walk in these shoes of course. Since we will be in Hong Kong for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to do a turkey earlier in November. Lo's birthday feast seemed the perfect excuse. Turkey and cake. What more could a kid want.
We were feeling frugal with the cake, and just took a quick trip to the local grocery store where they give out samples. Yep, Lo's cake is just two sample slices wedged together. He didn't seem to mind.

Oh, and the banner in the background! "Free" through vistaprints (we paid shipping). Lo keeps waving hello to the hands on the banner. Funny kid.

For the birthday activity, we took Lo to the mall. It was special since we normally have some kind of agenda when we take him shopping, and have to rush around, not letting him explore like he wants to. So this time, we just let Lo wander around to his heart's content. We sat him in these coin-op boats, trains, cars, etc. (without putting in a coin) and he loved it. We also spent some time in ToysRus, with the video showing a little of that fun. Overall it seemed like a great birthday. Special and different compared to the humdrum routine of life, but not too big or stressful. Wish we could have done a party with friends out here in Ohio, since Lo has so many cute "baby friends" around his age. But with lots of travel (Jerry even has to go out of town for a business trip in a few days!) and church activities, etc. we just couldn't figure out a good time to get everybody together. Oh well. Lo didn't know the difference anyway.
I'll get some photos/video posted next week or so of his Boise Birthday Bash. Waiting on family members to send their photos and videos to us...thanks again everybody for manning the cameras while I chased the baby around. =)

The toy we ended up buying him is a "bath-ketball hoop," which is nice because he really didn't have a single true "bath toy," despite all his other mountains of play things. He loved these little basketballs so much, we couldn't get them out of his hands even at bedtime and he slept with one.

He did not ingest one single speck of this birthday cake. Good thing I hadn't slaved over baking it. He just kept handing me fingerfuls of frosting...


Amanda said...

Your little guy is so cute! I can't believe he's already a year old!

Valerie said...

Pretty down right cute, Lo Lo! Happy Birthday!!!

Gisela-David said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to little Lo. It sure goes fast, doesn't it? (although sometimes it doesn't seem to) I love his happy face next to the huge turkey, which looks really delish, by the way.