Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Odds n Ends

Seems a little out of order to just dump all these photos now, but figured I'd get them up while it is still recent enough after Halloween. Even though I've been listening to Christmas carols all day so it feels like Halloween was ages ago. =) A few days before Halloween, a local library did trick or treating for the kids. We took Lo and it was pretty cute to see him catching on to the idea of grabbing candy to put in his bag. Check the video at the bottom to see his very first time "trick or treating." We love libraries.

The children's section has this bubble tank. Lo can never get enough of it.

Cute smiles on both my boys.

For our candy basket we handed out to trick or treaters this year, I included a bunch of fake rubber rats, tarantulas, lizards, etc. Here is Lo playing with one of the fake rats on our deck. For about an hour on Halloween night, we left our candy basket outside unattended. When I checked it, there was still plenty of candy left, but someone had gone through and picked out all the rubber critters. Good to know what is the popular thing to give out these days.
We made Lo wear his costume all around the house for awhile, so here is a random picture of that. He was pointing to some lint on our carpet. He always finds the "treasures" I fail to clean up fast enough.
The day before Halloween, we had some fun with friends. Dropped by Kayla and Jeremy's house where Lo experienced his first video gamage. He played DJ Hero with surprising success.
Lo fell in love with their array of Halloween toys, so we had to include them in the impromptu family photo.
Also on the Saturday before Halloween, we hosted a costume party for some of the other kiddos at church. It was fun to see a matching panda for Lo to play with. The funny part about this party is that Lo slept through the entire thing--fell down for his nap right at the time people started arriving, and woke right as guest began to exit our home. Still getting his schedule back from our travel in Boise. For that party, we had a couple different kinds of soup. Jerry made a chicken noodle soup from scratch, and it was so yummy! I made a pumpkin curry soup (also from scratch) and it was so...interesting. We still have a lot of is sitting in our fridge if anybody wants to try it. =)

I carved this pumpkin once it had already been baked (it was our soup bowl pumpkin). Carving a cooked pumpkin is loads easier than carving a raw one, note to self.

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Glad you got to do some Halloween celebrating at home!