Friday, December 10, 2010

He grew some emotions!

Even though we are only a third of the way through posting about our Hong Kong trip, and I promised Jerry he could do the next post on that topic, I'm posting some current happenings. Just to make sure we don't forget:

Lo has started to be very tender with his stuffed animals. He got a Woody doll from Santa recently, and has been carrying it around stroking and patting the doll's back. He also brings me his stuffed bears and when I ask, "Where are the eyes?" he points to the bear's eyes and then to his own eye (poking his eye in the process, lol). He also likes me to pretend to breastfeed the bears and brings them to me several times each day.

Besides showing his loving emotions, Lo explained to me some fearful emotions last night. Jerry taught him sign language for "I'm afraid," which we adapted to consist of waving hands beside ears/cheeks. In the past Lo has only done that sign when we read books about lions and tigers and bears ("oh my!"). And we regarded it as a good joke. But anyway, last night I put batteries in a clock that makes bird chirping noises (a wedding gift we haven't used much recently). Lo heard the bird chirping noise for the first time and got terrified, spinning all around looking for where the birds were in the house. Then he came to me and pointed to the clock, saying "Tat" (his word for "clock" which he learned a week ago!) and then he looked at me again and did the sign for "I'm afraid." It almost seemed like a whole sentence--I could tell he was combining all his skills to say "The clock makes me afraid." It was adorable the way he so earnestly communicated it to me.

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Valerie said...

What a precious story!