Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hong Kong #3 - Out of Order Nightlife

Well, I figured if I try to do posts chronologically I will putter out of motivation by next week and you all will fail to see some of the coolest pics. So here is an "out of order" post. Jerry's brother Henry took some photos of us our last night before leaving Hong Kong. His camera is something to covet. Seriously, Jerry won't stop talking about it. Too bad Santa's budget is maybe 5% what that camera would cost to put in Jerry's stocking... So this is Hong Kong's Christmas. The lights/displays at shopping malls are spectacular and commercialized. Nobody really puts up lights at home or does a tree with gifts under it, etc. But I am glad we got to be in Hong Kong at this time since the Christmas decorations gave more eye candy than usual to this big city.
Here is one of the more scenic city views. So glad Brandon could be there for this trip!

While we were there at the water's edge, a few ancient replica ships drifted by. Cool to see the contrast between old (the boat) and modern (the cityscape background).

Here is our whole group who ventured out that night. Jerry's parents are in the middle, and on the right side is Jerry's brother Henry with his girlfriend Sarah.

This clock tower is one of the more famous HK sites. We stood at the base of it and put our hands on the brick just to say we'd been there.

See how the businesses go all out with Christmas decorating? The whole sides of these skyscrapers are festive. We didn't get photos of it, but that night we got to this place in time to see a light show. The buildings all have lasers and spotlights, etc. that dance to music. It looks like the buildings are talking to each other. Pretty cool.

And here is one of the views from the apartment where we stayed while in HK. It is right by the river. Gorgeous shot, Henry. Jerry gets one more chance to say how much he loves your camera...=)


Valerie said...

Amazing --very fun to look at! I can see that poor little Lo-Lo does not like night life.

Valerie said...

Also, thank you Henry for taking a photo of my two reds!

Kristen said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your trip! It is fun to see what you are talking about, especially with the big city photos. Looks like you had a lot of fun times mixed with the stressful. :)