Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hong Kong #6 - Work in Hong Kong / Poor Pig / Photos for Boise Fam

(This is Jerry's writing.) During our HK trip, I spent a normal work day in HK networking with the Avery folks there and trying to increase my understanding of how our business is run there.

I had two addresses for the Avery locations in HK; however, since having left HK for almost 10 years, plus my poor sense of direction, I really didn’t know how to get to these two places any more. So, I showed the addresses to my brother, Henry, and asked him how. Henry then pointed to one of them and said, “Here is where I work.”

Later, Henry realized that the two companies we currently work for are right next to each other on the elevator buttons. (Henry works for DB SCHENKER; yes, I’m still working for Avery Dennison :) ). Ironically, the logo colours are the same—red on the left and black on the right.
After seeing the Avery people, I went to Henry's office. All of his co-workers asked me, "where is the baby?"Here is another crazy food-related cultural difference. (Well, for me..., it was really yummy.)

So, Hong Kong people eat BBQ pork all the time, but this time it was really special.... This pig was barbaqued on the spot, meaning they don't make it until you order it. Ah... Yeah..., we had to wait for the long 45 mins for it. But, it was yummily worth it.

Right when the pig was done, the chef himself took the whole pig out on the table to "show" you.
Poor little pig.... It was actually a little pig. For the tenderness of the meat, people there like the young ones. After showing us the "original-cooking" pig, the chef "skillfully" sliced the pig. You can tell the chef was trying so so so hard to keep its "original look." Poor little pig.... I apologize. I know, for some of you, the pig may look gross; but to me, it was literally the best BBQ pig I'd ever had. I mean, it was fresh and hot. Well, just compare it to fresh baked homemade cookies or something.But the rest of the stuff looks good, right? The fried crab on the right was really yummy too. As you can tell, the whole was quite expensive. Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle who took us for that dinner.

They are my Aunt and Uncle who let us stay with them the whole time while we were in Hong Kong, since they had a three-bedroom flat. They are super nice. She is my mom's older sister.
LoLo sometimes does things like an adult. Look at how he held on to the handle, immitating me.

Well, here it comes to the end of our trip. Since our flight was at 12:50am, we were at the airport at around 9:30 at night. It was LoLo's bedtime.

Farewell pictures.This is Henry's girlfriend's brother. He works at the HK airport. We just came across him. For sure, there are still a lot to talk about HK, but I don't know if my wife still have some posts for the Hong Kong trip, or if she is sick of it already, or if she has the time to do so. But, if not..., this would be a good ending of the HK trip, since it ends up at the airport--the last place we visited in HK. (If you have further questions, feel free to hit the "comment" button and ask.)

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Valerie said...

That is cool that Henry works in the same building that you would possibly work in if you lived in Hong Kong, again, Jerry!