Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hong Kong Photos #1 - Airports

Hoo boy. We have more than 12 CDs worth of photos from the Hong Kong trip, and I don't really know how to begin documenting. Maybe a mix between topical and chronological? Anyway, that Lo is sleeping and I'll just see what I can whip out until he wakes. Speaking of Lo waking, here he is just getting up from a nap on the airplane. His hair was the craziest! Note the bassinet in the background. It was sadly not OUR bassinet, since Lo had outgrown the weight limit. Yes, he slept on our laps during all that flying and it basically just meant I didn't sleep much at all--while he was awake, I was entertaining him, and while he was asleep, I found myself either trying to keep him from rolling off me or just plain too uncomfortable to doze off.
More crazy hair. Also note his bruise on forehead. Since his parents were sleep-deprived idiots for most of this trip, poor Lo got himself into a lot more trouble than usual. I felt so guilty for not being more watchful--honestly, that Lo fell down about 10 times more than usual and most of the time it was preventable, but we caretakers were just too exhausted to make wise choices in what we allowed our baby to do.
Having my little brother Brandon there was a lifesaver on more than one occasion. A third pair of hands to take care of the baby = priceless. Not sure what they were playing with here, but it appears to be a rare time of giggling on the flight.
Here we are sleeping at the Seoul-Incheon Korea airport. At one point, all four of us--Jerry, Brandon, Lo, and me--all slept at the same time on benches. I was so tired, I could literally fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I even caught myself nodding off while standing--standing--in line.
While I was stuck on this bench waiting for that Lo to waken and get off my lap, a Korean airport worker came and interviewed me for a survey. Yes, Lo slept through all the talking. =) And I got a free Korean souvenir for my time spent doing the survey. It is this charming orange/yellow baggie thingie.
The Korea airport also has an excellent visitor's center. We did some crafts there while waiting during our layover. Poor Brandon had a 12 hour layover on the way home, most of which was by himself. We intended him to use the time to go out of the airport for a brief tour of Korea, but he ended up missing his tour group on accident.

The Chicago airport also has some good entertainment for layovers. Here we are at the children's museum where Lo got to practice "flying" a pretend airplane. He isn't smiling in this photo for some reason, but really he was giddy with joy over working these controls.

More children's museum fun.

Well, these weren't our most exciting photos from the trip, but I figured they were worth sharing and will just get me warmed up for posting the rest of our fun.
And yes, we did have fun! There were a lot of miserable times--I'll be honest, traveling with a baby overseas is not my favorite thing. But I felt a lot of deep joy at seeing Lo treasured by his Hong Kong family. They really adored him, treating him like the quintessential Emperor child, and treating Jerry, my brother Brandon, and me with equal amounts of love. I am thankful for the privilege it is to be able to travel like this. We are blessed that Jerry's job allows us the time and finances to not only fly out to visit family, but do some great sightseeing and exciting activities along the way.
The best photos and videos are still to come--stay tuned!


Becca said...

WOW! Looks like you had quite the flying adventures. We just returned from TX and G's first airplane rides. Luckily we only had one short layover. Got good use of our Ergo running from one gate to the other! Can't wait for the rest of your posts.

Valerie said...

I enjoyed the airports; I'm looking forward to the rest!