Sunday, August 7, 2011

fyi...lost phone

Hello. I feel like every time I set something down in this new apartment it gets "lost" because I keep forgetting where our new places are for everything. Kitchen utensils in the opposite side compared to our old apartment, towels in the closet down the hall instead of bathroom closet, etc.

So when I lost my phone yesterday, my first instinct was that it must be somewhere in our apartment. But it isn't. The ringer was on loud and it wasn't making any noises when we called it. And anyway, I had it right as we walked out the door to go to the mall (answered a call on it) and then when we got back from the mall, discovered the phone was missing. So after calling it a few times in hopes a person would pick up and tell us where it was, we just had the phone cancelled.

Sorry if anybody was trying to get a hold of me yesterday or today. Try emailing instead! Or call Jerry's cell if you have that number. Thanks.

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