Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we moved

sorry for the blogging delay. we moved last week. swimming in boxes. also SWIMMING in sweat since AIR conditioning is broken (the reason I can't sleep). Had billions of people help with the move. childcare, cleaning, lending dolly and vehicle, giving boxes and packing paper, physical moving of boxes, assistance organizing new apartment, etc. WE feel LOVED! THANKS TO ALL!

My sister had a baby yesterday. Congrats.

I'll type a real post later when my keyboard starts working. A certain letter won't type. Gess which one. =)


Valerie said...

Oh you poor things --I hope it gets fixed soon! Yes, thank you to all who helped our children move!

Morgan said...

Wow! I'm SO glad you had so much help!!! Yay for wonderful friends and neighbors! Good luck with the boxes!

Trina said...

I hate moving, good job! Jessica had a baby? How exciting!!!