Friday, August 12, 2011

Trains, Trains, Trains

I was hoping to have some type of post related to our move, like photos of the new apartment or whatnot. But it is all on Jerry's phone needing uploaded. So I'll take a moment to catch up from activities over the past month or so. Awhile back we visited a train museum (I think we posted on it for the blog?) which was a grand kickoff for Lo's love affair with trains. He recently checked out a DVD from the library which has eductional songs about trains and he gets positively thrilled to point out various parts of it to me while we are watching the show. So we've been visiting all the trains in our neighborhood. The mall in walking distance from us has a train that goes all around the inside of the building, and Lo Lo always requests that we go, "Mall Ride Oo-OOh?" (OO-OOH is his word for "train," spoken in the tone of a train whistle). We rode it once, but it is a little expensive so I am not sure if we'll ride it more than once or twice more in the future. Anyway, we also visited an outdoor outlet mall a ways away which has an outdoor train people can ride. It is pictured above in all its shining glory.

Since the train runs outside, there are real "Railroad Crossing" points where cars and people have to stop to wait for the train to pass. It is pretty charming. And at one portion of this mall, there is a model train set display with several different tracks set up. This circus train was amazing, with all the attention to detail.

Lo Lo was pretty tired when we took him there (note his sleepy eyes and only a few smiles in the video...ok rats, the video did not load correctly; maybe I'll get it done later). Anyway he still seemed to enjoy himself and we were all happy to ride the train.

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Valerie said...

What a cute little boy, riding on a pretty train!