Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seriously so blessed WINNER!!

Jerry always laughs at my appreciation for the witty, satirical blog seriouslysoblessed. (though I know that secretly he, too, finds at least parts of it amusing)...Anyway. There are regular giveaways on the blog, and I always enter my name for the random prize drawing, and then later help Jerry enter HIS name, because there is one entry allowed per person.

Out of 1,555 entries, and only about a dozen winners, guess who just won a glorious prize in this past week's giveaway...!?


Oh, I find it hilarious and wonderful. Our winner is receiving a how-to-/tips book for first time home buyers, and a $50 giftcard to Amazon. (Thanks to our sponsor Liahona Realtors). It was pretty special to get a personalized email from TAMN herself, in which she noted the uncanny resemblance of our name to hers.

Yesterday evening in our scripture study, we came across a verse where Joseph Smith receives $50 from a kind benefactor, Martin Harris. It got me thinking how there are no coincidences in life, and Joseph's $50 clearly came from the Lord, albeit through Martin Harris. Is it blasphemous for me to decide this random drawing prize for Jerry is actually coming to him from Heavenly Father? Here's my reasoning: in trying to save all the money we can these days (the goal is to completely pay off our student loans by the time Little Tam arrives), Jerry told me he wants nothing for his birthday next month except a home-made birthday cake from his loving wife's hands. I acquiesced because I knew there was no talking him out of a sacrifice once he has his heart set on making it. But now that an Amazon giftcard is coming our way, we decided I could use it to pick out a birthday gift to surprise Jerry when his big day rolls around. Granted, he did stipulate I have to pick out something practical for him, something he needs already, and then he even shrugged, "spend it on yourself or the baby if you see something either of you need instead." Crazyface, of COURSE I am using the giftcard for my sweetheart only! And I will make a tag for the gift I choose which says, "Happy Birthday, From Heavenly Father."


Cami said...

Hooray for winning a contest!!! Gift cards are the best because you can decide what you want for your prize. Congrats.

Valerie said...

Cute entry!

Linda said...

There are no coincidences, Courtney! We just met Nathan's future in-laws and found out that Sunni's mom lived in Bozeman, Montana at the same time as the Swain family did. In fact, Sunni's grandma, Sherri Jonas, was good friends with Eleanor and they were pregnant together. Kandi, Sunni's mom, is just a year younger than Blake, and a year older than your mom, so it's highly likely they played together. Kandy has a brother that is Carl's age and Carl ran into him several years ago when he (Carl) was working as a river rafting guide. (Carl and said brother were the in-uteros mentioned above.) Kandi's mom was thrilled to find out where Clark and Eleanor ended up and would like to get in touch--there are no coincidences.....I think Sunni and Nathan were meant to meet and marry.