Friday, March 12, 2010

ah, family

Here are the remaining pictures from our trip to Boise last week. I still feel a tinge of homesickness brought on by that little vacation! Sometimes it is hard to live far from family. It was so fun to see our Lo get doted on the way only family can do. We are already planning our next trip back there in the Fall, and are also looking forward to seeing the Hong Kong family in November. The 4 generation shot (my parents, my mom's parents, and us Little Tam Fam).
A rare Boise nap; because of all the excitement and noise, Little's naps tended to be short or non-existent. Oh my yes. We are glad to be back to the sleep routine here in Ohio.

Grandpa Dean picked us up from the airport when we flew in, and this is a shot of the first-ever meeting between Grandpa and Lo.

Grandpa Clark with Jerry. (Jerry's tie is tucked because we were in the middle of a meal)

Uncle Justin, with all the expertise his three years of Spanish class could muster, gave some Spanish children's book reading to that Lo. We also went to one of Justin's lacrosse games while we were in Boise, and I do not have a picture of it, but have to say it was one of the most exciting athletic events observed in my life. Picture a cross between swashbuckling, rugby, and Quidditch.

Uncle Matthew and that Lo. When Little first saw Matthew's facial hair, he couldn't stop staring, and then he reached up with his chubby hands and buried his fingers in Matthew's chin. Wish I'd had a picture of that moment. Then Matthew kissed Lo, who began to cry, and that was the end of facial hair appreciation day.

After the blessing, we had a big dinner at the church with friends and family. Lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles came from afar to visit with us, and we are so grateful to feel of their love. Especially thanks to all who contributed to the food and cleanup--even little cousin Kevin was a big help putting away chairs.

Aunt Stefani created this amazing honeybee cake. Since Grandpa Walter was a beekeeper, we all like the hive analogy for our big hardworking Steele family. Little Tam is just one more bumble bee to add to the bunch. These little bees on the cake were such a hit with the kids at the gathering. The bees are made of peanut M&M's, with chocolate eyes and stripes, and gumdrop sparkles of wings.

Some of the bees "landed" on the rice krispie squares as well. =) This is the dessert table at the gathering.

And one last picture of a Boise nap. It was so special whenever he finally fell asleep, we always had to whip out the camera to document.


Valerie said...

Nice entries Court, and as always, precious photos of Little. I especially like the one when he and Grandpa meet for the first time at the airport!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

so sad to have missed it. what a cute, healthy little chunk!