Sunday, March 21, 2010

Child Restraint Device

Turns out it was good timing for coffee to get spilled on our other car seat (aka child restraint device, I learned from reading the instruction manual). Lo had outgrown his infant seat's weight limit a few weeks ago and we were procrastinating moving him to the convertible. The coffee incident was the motivation we needed:

This new seat has no sun blocker, so we need to get some cling coverings for the windows to block out the sunshine. But WOW does that sunshine feel good. Hello Springtime. =)
He looks little again in this new seat.

And just for comparison, here he was a week or two ago in his old seat.
We miss being able to carry a sleeping child in from the car, as first of all, he doesn't sleep as well in the new seat since it doesn't recline as far, and secondly even if he did fall asleep in it, the new carseat is so huge and heavy we wouldn't be able to bring him into the house without extracting him from the seat first. Thereby waking him.
Anyway, we'll adjust. Upward and onward. This baby is growing so fast! We love our big Little.


Nora said...

We're gonna have to buy a bigger car seat for our baby soon as well. Which one did you buy? I always have a hard time making decisions like this. : )

Trina said...

Nice car seat, he really moving up in the world :) Although you might want to consider putting it rear facing instead of forward facing. (most car seats can be installed both ways) It's supposed to be safer for the baby. They suggest at one year or 20lbs that it's okay to be forward facing, but some people suggest rear facing until they're two (we never waited that long, it was too much of a pain in our two door car)

Valerie said...

I suppose that cup of coffee was providence after all, or as your dad has been telling folks --a whole pot of coffee! I saw a young couple with baby parked at Fire Station Number Nine and new what they were up to as a fireman bent, over and fiddled in their car. What are the firemen's opinion of how to properly use a carseat?

TheTamFam said...

Nora, I know what you mean about the indecision. Which is why I eventually just randomly picked one since I was sick of trying to decide. We have a Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite, which we bought at Sam's Club so it was a pretty good deal I think ($100 vs. $170 at BabiesRus).

Trina, I'd always heard it was supposed to be BOTH 20lbs and at least a year old, not just one or the other. So he is still rear-facing, no worries. =) I can't imagine waiting until he is 2 years old though, either, wow.

Morgan said...

I wish we could get our two babies together for some pictures! Lo's 5 month old self in the top 95% and my 14 month old baby way down not even on the chart! It would be so funny! As far as car seats, I've done a lot of research on these stupid things and your car seat is a good one with good safety ratings and reviews. And you got it for a GREAT price! I got a Graco My Ride 65 because it was one of the few that could go rear-facing and forward-facing and still accommodate a large weight range (Alaina's still too little to face forward but she's got a long torso and her head was about to hang off the top of her infant one). You're right, it is 1 AND 20 lbs. But people are keeping their kids rear facing longer (I saw a couple of reviews by parents that kept their kids rear-facing until FOUR!) and I wouldn't be surprised if the ever-changing car seat laws started mandating longer rear-facing stipulations. Before you know it, our 4 year olds will be required to be rear-facing and our 13 year olds will still need a booster! And if you never get over 5 and a half feet tall, you'll probably have to use a booster forever!

Valerie said...

I like that Morgan's attitude!