Saturday, March 27, 2010

Natural Eggs Part 2

My commitment to eating "natural" often leaves me feeling hypocritical. I attempt to avoid the artificial mostly at times when it seems fun. Case in point: coloring Easter eggs. Why buy a PAAS kit at the dollar store when I can experiment with everyday household food items? Last year's attempt left me with some cute little dinosaur eggs, and this year I have a couple...yin yangs? After soaking these eggs in a bowl of beets, fully expecting to get pink or purply loveliness, all I ended up with was mottled, chestnutty brown. Well, that's the fun of Mother Nature. Wholly capricious and artsy in her own way, never one to walk to the drum of modern holiday cheer.

ps. the eggs tasted like beets. Not bad.


Jocelyn said...

did you add a little bit of vinegar to the beet juice? that helps the color stick. fun experiment I will have to remember that for next year when I start schooling Brock.

Valerie said...

That is interesting how the spots showed up on the eggs --reminds me of paint horses and spotted cats and dogs.

C Tam said...

hmmm...I totally forgot that vinegar trick. Are you home schooling Brock?!

Jocelyn said...

here is a list of food items that make great dyes for eggs.
Blue: red cabbage leaves, blueberries
Purple: grape juice, violets
Brown: coffee, tea
Green: spinach
Orange: carrots, paprika, chili powder
Red: cranberries, yellow onion skins, cherries, raspberries, beets
Yellow: turmeric, lemon rinds, cumin, saffron
{remember that they will be muted tone!}
I'm not exactly homeschooling Brock yet. just doing little things here and there. we are looking to move {hopefully} before he really gets to school age but I think if we are still here in mass when it's time for him to go to school I may home school him. I'm not to keen on the public school system here, and private school is super expensive.