Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Un)lucky (non)Irish

Yesterday I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. So did Jerry, but at least he accidentally wore a green shirt to work. I wore pink, and dressed Little in blue and yellow. And then we went shopping with a friend.

In hopes of rectifying my mistake for the latter half of the holiday, I changed Little into some green attire when we got home from shopping, and then us Tams went out to dinner. We had been eyeing two coupons that came in the mail: One was for a place that we knew served alcohol, so we decided to avoid it since the holiday might make it extra crowded. The other coupon we decided to use. It happened to be for a deli, and apparently this deli specializes in corned beef. And cabbage. Yes. They were overflowing with crowds dressed in green, wearing green painted faces, donning shamrock hats and leprechaun purses. But at this point we were fairly hungry and just decided to wait until a table was available.

We ended up getting wedged into a spot that must have been invented just for the holiday crowd. We had to put Little's carseat next to the table on the ground, and it touched both our table and the one next to us. The patron next to us promptly tipped her full mug of coffee into the carseat--thankfully after we had removed the baby. I was rather in shock, and did not do much at the time except wipe pitifully at the saturated seat with Little's blanket. I told a server nearby that we would need something to make the seat useable for the drive home. She retrieved for us a rag from the kitchen. "Can you spread this in the seat while you drive home?" I agreed it should work. But as we drove home, breathing the happy aroma of our infant seat and listening to the unhappy noise of a baby wail in his wetness, I began to wonder.

Should I have done something more? Should I write to the manager...requesting...what? Perhaps less crowded seating? Or maybe an apology? A free lunch?

Some accidents just "happen," and there truly is nobody to blame. So I'm still not sure, but debating in my mind. Thoughts?


Cami said...

Oh my goodness, Courtney! Tell me the restaurant name and I will write a letter for you. lol But seriously, you should email the company's website or send a letter telling them about your unfortunate experience and how disappointing it was. Even if they end up doing nothing, they should know.

Madry Family said...

I would tell the manager that you would like them to do something, anything. They should for sure give you at least some free meals or coupons and offer an apology!!! Just because it's crowded on a holiday doesn't mean they should skip the hospitality that you deserve!

Valerie said...

Life does have unfortunate events. We are glad that our little Little did not come in harms way!