Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthing Time Already?

I always envision springtime as the official herald of babies; Easter chicks & ducklings, deer with their fawns starting to dot the landscape, and so forth. But apparently January in Ohio marks the time for births to start going full swing. We visited our local farmpark yesterday and were pleased to see we came just in time to ooohh and ahhh over teensy wittow lambies (one week old) and these piglets (also one week old): I could have knelt there gazing at these babies in their pink newness all day long. Their wrinkly skins, feathery fur lightly covering such squishy little bodies, flopping ears, and eager newborn suckling just melted my heart.

And while we are talking about cute babies, take a look at that Lo's farmer attire. He always dons his Carhartt coveralls when we go to the farmpark, and this time I also bundled him with a woolen ear flaps hat, fleecy scarf and reversible jacket. There is something just so nurturing about taking half an hour to dress a squirming child before he runs outside. Oh, and note his sneakers that never fail to get soaked in water as this boy likes to splash through puddles.
Here in the cheesemaking room is our whole group that went to Farmpark yesterday. Kristen & Claire, Lindsay & Tyson, Chelsea & Baby-to-be-born any day now, and me & that Lo.
We are so glad to have a group of other mommy & baby friends that live close by.

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