Friday, January 28, 2011

Cutest Baby Shower

Well, it was a few weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to posting about a darling baby shower I helped put together for a friend out here. I kept waiting to post about it because I wanted to include a tutorial for making the best kind of diaper cake ever. Observe how glorious to behold: But I misplaced the photos I'd taken of the assembly process. And what's a tutorial without photos. But anyway, this diaper cake is my favorite variety since it has smooth sides and hidden gifts in the center, and I had trouble figuring out how to make it since if you google "diaper cake instructions" or the like, it doesn't pull up this variety in any of the top hits. But anyway, I figured it out partly by memory (this was the type of diaper cake given to me in Lo's shower last year). And I am delighted how cute it turned out. Here are us mommy friends at the baby shower; Lindsay, Courtney, Chelsea, and Kristen. We all live in the same apartment complex, are in the same church congregation, our husbies all work in the same program/for the same company, and we all have babies around the same age. It feels like such a natural friendship.

Since we ended up last-minute not doing a birthday party with that Lo's friends a few months ago, I had a couple dozen chinese takeout boxes sitting around unused. Kristen, one of the girls who co-hosted this shower, is the type of person who adds instant cuteness to anything she touches. Sort of like a Midas touch, only a crafty version. So she had the idea to pop some flower power cupcakes into all those chinese takeout boxes, add ribbon and tag, and voila, the perfect take-home thanks for guests at the baby shower. Seriously, I felt really impressed by how adorable the whole shower turned out. Welcome to mommyhood, Chelsea!
**this is sort of an incomplete record of the shower, since I didn't even talk about the games we played (all the best ones of course), foods (themed!), and gifts (plentiful)...but for some reason I feel silly about this post being so long after the fact, that I just hit a few main points and left it at that. meh.


Anna said...

I want to hear about it!

TheTamFam said...

Thanks Anna. =)

Well, the shower had a French theme, since the baby has a French name, parents know French, and the nursery has French alphabet cards as part of the decor, etc. So for brunch we included crepes and quiche to follow the French idea. And the banner said "Bienvenue Bebe." If I spelled that correctly.

Games included the standard guessing games, like number of candies in bottles, number of diapers in the diaper cake, and smell/taste the Gerber. That last game we should have had a camera ready to capture all the grimacing as people smelled the jars. Poor babies having to eat that stuff. But my favorite game was the matching memory game where baby related words (conception, engorgement, hospital bill, etc.) are linked up with candy bars. For example, the person who matches both "breastfeeding" squares in the memory board wins a "Milkyway" candy bar.

We had about 20 people attend, so this baby really got a haul. I felt so excited how well the shower turned out.

I'll post the diaper cake tutorial someday when the photos turn up. Since we had a virus on our computer, Jerry took everything off it and then redid the computer, so I think he knows where the photos went...

Becca said...

Amanda and Carma did a variation of the candy bar game at my shower and it was FUN! They would give a clue and whoever guessed the correct candy won the candy. Like they would say something like "Address of the hospital" and it would be "5th Avenue"
I would love to see the tutorial on the diaper cake as well.
You all are very creative. It looks like it was a beautiful shower.

YY said...

Your baby boy is soooo cute!! And you are amazing with giving peoplel the most wonderful baby showers!!! ;)

TheTamFam said...

Oh, Yaeyoung, I'm glad you feel like your baby shower was good--I totally wish we would have had more resources back then, but all us hosts and guests alike were just a bunch of poor students. I guess it is the show of love that counts anyway. I adore baby showers. Such an important time to give moms a feeling that they are supported.