Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goals for 2011

Theme for 2010:
"Come what may and love it"
I did okay. Made a plaque with this phrase on it to hang in the bedroom, and it helped me be more serene amid challenges many a time over the past year. Still find I have a tendency to complain when my plans go awry...but anyway, moving on...

Theme for 2011:
"More diligent and concerned at home"
I really want to be a better wife, mother, and daughter.

Goals to assist that theme:
1. Establish/teach a routine for that Lo & me. More to come on as I figure it out! I've started reading a couple more parenting books for ideas. And if anybody else who has parented toddlers has ideas for how to spend the hours in the day, please feel free to share.
2. Index 200 names each...month? I actually have not done enough indexing to even know what would be a valid amount for me. But I want to start doing it regularly. Something to add meaning to my days.
3. Read the New Testament. This one is sort of a given goal, since we are studying the New Testament this year in Sunday School. I will follow the schedule for the class.
4. Study the Book of Mormon daily. I still need to make this one happen earlier in the day so it is higher quality study.
5. Record a daily entry in my spiritual journal. Often this would come from my scripture study, but I also want to focus more on remembering/recording the Lord's hand in my life.
6. Journal weekly. The blog is a good outlet to record common joys, or reach out for a type of social connection (comments are always comforting). But my journal is best for more personal musings and reflections and I've found it has slipped over the past year.
7. Attend temple quarterly. This was our goal last year, and it seems good to repeat because we felt it stretched us but was achievable. Jerry made the goal, but I came short because of forgetting my temple recommend when we went to the Hong Kong temple...! Anyway, really hope to make it happen in 2011.
8. No refined sugar at home. I've done the 100% no refined sugar rule before, and it was highly beneficial for my emotional/physical health. But sugar is just so fun. I love getting an occasional milkshake for date night, or tasting a cookie at a church function, etc. But if it is in the house, I find myself reaching for sugary treats as a quick energy fix too often. Which then backfires on me when I experience my frequent "after sugar crash." So we just aren't going to buy any refined sugars (if people bring us a goodie plate or something, I wouldn't boycott it). It has worked well so far. I ate no sugar since January 1st and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my mood and median energy levels. Today at a baby shower, since it was out of our home, I ate half a cinnamon roll and two (smallish) blueberry muffins. My first "sugar" in over a week. I think this system will work as it won't make me feel deprived as I did at times during the 100% rule and it is easier to control my intake with other people around. Accountability, you know.

Well, that's it for goals for now. I am commencing reading of Rubin's Happiness Project for book club meeting later this month, and it will probably influence my resolutions. I'll update as it comes.


LittleFamilyJL said...

Those are GREAT goals!! And I love the idea of having a Motto for yourself for the year. I might have to adopt your motto as my own as well. :)

Valerie said...

Best wishes with the goals. I've recommitted to watch the sugar, too, and getting plenty of rest. Thank you for the tamale soup mix. It sounds delicious --we will try it soon!

Morgan said...

I love your goals! You are such an inspiration to me! I WISH I was at the point where I was working on improving the quality of my scripture study rather than just trying to DO it in the first place!! Go you! You're awesome! And please, when you get a minute, e-mail me about the sugar thing. I want to know more about how to do that! Sugar hides in everything, so what do you buy? I have some serious baby weight I want to lose and I feel like omitting sugar is my best (and hardest--I love sugar!!!!!) starting point. Please help!!

C Tam said...

Yes, sugar hides a lot in processed foods, so the main way to avoid it is to make everything yourself from scratch, and/or just start eating a lot simpler.

I'll email you Morgan. And thanks for the encouragement. The scripture study is definitely the make or break thing for me--it determines the goodness of all other parts of my day.