Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a little more normal than it seems

Shoe shopping=one of my least favorite activities. Not that my feminine side doesn't appreciate the thrill of finding cute footwear, but having triple E width makes me feel like a freak. Yes, you heard me; that is EEE width, measured by the official footy thingie at the stores.

I just read somewhere online (sorry for losing the link...Google it if you care to verify) that the average foot width for women in the USA is size B. Which just goes to show why I can hardly find a single pair of shoes within a thousand miles that fits me comfortably. BUT what I also just read online is this: the average foot width for women in Europe and many parts of Asia is size D. Not too far off from E...or even triple E. I can wear a D. Apparently I was born to be European. Or Asian.

I think Lo has my feet. They are sturdy little feet.


Anna said...

That sounds like me and my nursing bra dilemma. :(

Valerie said...

Yesterday, Brandon went to visit folks in the hospital. He asked a patient where he was from. The man replied, "Nampa." Brandon said to him, "Why, that's so close, you could walk here!" The man replied, "They just amputated my legs."