Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi Cousins...!!! 哥表, 表姐, 表姪甥們

Since there will be some of my cousins from Hong Kong viewing our blog, I will put some Chinese words here and there from now on. They shouldn't affect the blog context at all. (See the new entry below.)

姨丈,姨母,哥表, 表姐, 表姪甥們:

因為我不太懂打中文字, 我必須從英語字典"複製和插入"中文字, 因此我不會寫太多中文,但是,如果您有問題您可以給我們發電子郵件來問。

我們愛您們。我們希望這個 blog (博克)能將我們更加接近。

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Bryce and Valerie Waite said...

Wow I had no Idea who you were till I looked you up and found your picture how are you when did you get married and where do you live? It was good to here from you!